Capital Auto Protection our dripless rustproofing is the highest quality rustproofing you can choose for your vehicle and unlike oil sprays from our competition our rust protection will not drip off leaving your vehicle unprotected.

Oil Spraying tends to drip after application our product repels water and penetrates into areas with metal to metal overlap without running off.  We believe it’s the most effective rustproofing on the market at protecting your vehicle.

Undercoating is the process of protecting the very vulnerable underside of a vehicle using a tough durable coating that seals this highly exposed area away from the damaging effects of the road such as salt, stones, gravel and dirt.

Our undercoating formula won’t drip off, and it also has a rust inhibitor that can stop or slow down the progression of any rust you may already have on your vehicle. In addition, it also provides a sound barrier that dampens noise, so you enjoy a quieter ride

Although manufacturers have made efforts to make brand new vehicles more rust-resistant, new cars do rust. Galvanized steel is the material that more manufacturers are using to achieve this goal.

Galvanized steel when un-manipulated is very resistant to corrosion but the problem starts when the metal is formed, bent, cut, drilled and welded during the manufacturing process, leaving the vehicle vulnerable to corrosion.  In our experience, we have seen many new vehicles less than 1 year old already start to develop spots of corrosion after driving in our Wisconsin roads.

Yes, our rustproofing and undercoating both have a rust inhibitor that will either stop or slow down the spread of existing rust.  We have many new and returning customers that buy a used car and bring it in just for that reason.

There may be a slight odor during the first drive after your car is rustproofed but it will quickly resolve after the first drive

No, it is not necessary to put holes in your vehicle to protect it, we use specialized low-pressure guns and wands to reach deep into every small crevice and fold, utilizing the factory drain holes located throughout your vehicle. We spray front, rear panels, fenders, wheel arches and liners, rocker panels, doors, trunk lid, tailgate, and hood.

No, we take care of all the overspray and mess, so you don’t have to.

There are 5 main benefit to rustproofing:

  • Helps Extend the life of your vehicle
  • Keeps your vehicle looking it’s best for years to come
  • Reduces cost of vehicle ownership
  • Keeps you and anyone riding in your vehicle safer
  • Increases resale value

Yes, we have a 10 year and 6-year Warranty available.