File a claim information

All claims are sent to ECP, Incorporated: The manufacturer and warrantor of the products and the administrator of all claims against this limited warranty. 

**Information for the claims process can also be found on the back of your warranty form.**

To file a claim: Rust damage once begun may worsen greatly unless repairs are promptly made. Therefore, you must file a claim within (60) days of the occurrence of the damage.  You may call ECP’s toll free number at 1-866-715-0819, to file your claim.

If necessary, within (15) days of receiving your completed claim information, an appointment for inspection will be arranged with an independent damage appraisal company. You will the be notified of the approval or denial of your claim within (10) days of (ECP, Inc.) receiving the completed inspection report. If the claim is approved, a check will be issued payable to you and/or the repair facility.

Do not have repairs completed until you receive written authorization from ECP, Inc. ANY REPAIRS UNDERTAKEN WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM ECP, INC, WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.

File a Claim Call ECP's Toll free number